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Proverbs 8:5

The iniquities done by a wicked man will trap him, And he will be held with the cords of his sin.

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Reflective Thinking

It’s amazing how you can read a verse and the Holy Spirit will reveal something new to you no matter how many times it feels you read it. This is one of those moments for myself. I hope you have lots of those kinds of experiences yourself. It’s fun! In this verse, God is talking to the naive, inexperienced, closed-minded, the proud, and the fools. Raise your hand in your head if that has been you at time in your life. Ha! Me too. This is a very encouraging word because God doesn’t disqualify people from His wisdom, understanding, and common sense.  It doesn’t matter what happened in your past… what matters is right now and what Christ did on the cross. God wants to you to experience all the benefits of Godly living… but that requires change. Change for most people can be a very negative stressful thought. The good news is everyone is always changing and you’ve been in a constant state of change your entire life. When you change your belief about changing, it goes from being a negative stress to a positive one. 

Action Idea

Change your beliefs about change. Avoid saying things like, “I hate change” or “change is so hard for me”. If you have those thoughts, immediately push them out and pray and meditate on the Word. Ask God to help you change your heart about change. Remember, growth is impossible without change. Change is good.