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Proverbs 28:23 – The 4 Conditions of an Effective Reprimand

He who [appropriately] reprimands a [wise] man will afterward find more favor than he who flatters with the tongue.

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Reflective Thinking

There are 4 conditions that must be met in order for a reprimand to bring more favor than genuine compliments. The first condition that must be met is the reprimand must be towards a wise man. Doing so to anyone else will be futile. I’ll repeat that another way, reprimanding a fool is a waste of time and effort. The other conditions that must be met are the following: the reprimand must be done appropriately, the reprimand must be done in the right way, and the reprimand must be done at the right time.

Action Idea

First thing, ensure you are a person who responds to a reprimand as a wise person would. One of the best ways you gain wisdom is by reading, seeking, and meditating on God’s wisdom on a daily basis. Through the process of becoming a wise person, you’ll naturally respond to reprimands appropriately and you’ll also learn how to appropriately give advice and reprimand others.