New King James Version | NKJV

Proverbs 23:23

Buy the truth, and do not sell it,
Also wisdom and instruction and understanding.

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Reflective Thinking

Today’s chapter (23) of Proverbs has an overflow of wise instruction but I feel led to reflect on investing in personal growth. God’s instruction to us here is to invest in not only wisdom but also truth, instruction, and understanding. He also says don’t sell it. What does that look like? The list could be very long but for me, I invest in my personal growth by using my time, energy, and money reading the Word, time in prayer, asking intentional questions (then listening) to wise people, reading and listening to books, listening to podcasts, doing reflective thinking which turns experience into insight, reading blogs, and most importantly… taking action on the best of all of those. This blog and podcast is an example of serving others while at the same time implementing my personal growth strategy. I grow the most from taking action, messing up, reflecting, and repeating that process. It’s important to note, this is not a phase of life nor does it have a timetable on it… personal growth is a lifestyle for your whole life. Remember this, if you aren’t growing… you’re dying.

Action Idea

Ensure you are investing your treasure of time, energy, and money into your personal growth. This will make a lifelong positive impact on yourself everyone around you. Go get truth, wisdom, instruction, and understanding, and in all your getting… keep getting it!