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Proverbs 22:1 – Choose a Good Name Over Great Riches

A good name [earned by honorable behavior, godly wisdom, moral courage, and personal integrity] is more desirable than great riches; and favor is better than silver and gold.

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Reflective Thinking

What’s a good name all about? A good name represents the impact on others’ lives over time. A good name outlives a person’s life. A good name is a legacy. As I reflect on this, I find it interesting the first people I thought about were famous people like Jesus, Paul, Peter, and even Martin Luther King Jr. I’m reminded in this situation not to compare my life in a negative way to those who have these great legacies. It’s important to remember that a good name doesn’t mean you are famous or have a legacy that’s known by all the world. I love how this proverb describes a good name and the beautiful thing is that it reveals everyone can earn a good name and it’s not just for the select few. 

Action Idea

Prioritize earning a good name and favor above the pursuit of great riches. As this proverb describes, you earn a good name by honorable behavior, Godly wisdom, moral courage, and personal integrity. Doing these things over time will make a lasting and eternal impact you’ll only fully comprehend when you get to heaven.