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Proverbs 20:17

Food gained by deceit is sweet to a man, but afterward his mouth will be filled with gravel [just as sin may be sweet at first, but later its consequences bring despair].

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Reflective Thinking

This is a hard-hitting truth. Sin is laced with deception and unintended consequences. One of the challenges with sin is that it feels good at first. We get addicted to the feel goods of sin but forget we always reap what we sow. The answer to living a righteous life, one without constantly being led astray by sin, is Jesus Christ. He gives us the freedom and righteousness through His love for us. Sin is not good for us. Period. It is wise to remember that sin doesn’t just effect us personally but always spills out onto those around us. 

Action Idea

Get in right standing with the Savior Jesus Christ. Give your life to Him. He will help you die to sin and be fully alive in Him. Love God with all of your heart and love your neighbor as yourself. Do this and live!