New King James Version | NKJV

Proverbs 2:10-11 – Get Wisdom To Enter Your Heart

When wisdom enters your heart, 
And knowledge is pleasant to your soul, 
Discretion will preserve you; 
Understanding will keep you,

Reflective Thinking

Wisdom entering our hearts is vital wisdom key to consistent victory. When wisdom enters our hearts it becomes part of us. Wisdom becomes who we are and what we do because of that. When that happens, knowledge will be pleasant to our souls. Wisdom and knowledge will protect and guide or preserve and keep us from the enemy, the flesh, and the world.

Action Idea

So, how do you get wisdom to enter your heart? Take a few minutes and give the following process a shot. Start by closing your eyes. Take around 10 deep slow breaths while also silently telling yourself to relax your body and your mind. After that, you start to use your God gifted imagination. Start to imagine wisdom entering your heart. The cool thing is this is just a taste of the process. God is the source of wisdom. God is love. You’ll enjoy this!