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Proverbs 14:4

Where there are no oxen, the manger is clean, but much revenue [because of good crops] comes by the strength of an ox.

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Reflective Thinking

There are all kinds of tools and services that have the ability to help us accomplish our goals, our visions, and our God-given purposes. I’ll paraphrase this verse for myself, where there is no asking for help or there is no planned delegation of tasks and responsibilities, the work has few errors, but great profit [because of tremendous growth] and much more can be accomplished with a leader who wisely delegates to a skilled, hardworking and unified team. The context for the way I wrote the verse is specific to me because I need to delegate to others in order to accomplish all that God has for me. We are designed to work with others and not on an island. 

Action Idea

Reflect on this verse for your profession or work you’re currently doing and rewrite the proverb in a similar way that I did. Do this with the main objective to identify an area that you need to improve upon. For me… it’s asking/hiring help and wisely delegating the right tasks and responsibilities. 

I’d really LOVE to read your versions of this verse. Please leave them in a comment or message me directly.